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We Specialize in Sinker Cypress Wide Cut Slabs

Over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, the old-growth, virgin forests that once covered large areas of the Southern U.S. created some giant Bald Cypress trees.

But, as you probably already know, those old-growth, virgin Cypress forests are gone now. Although Cypress restoration is underway and there are “new-growth” forests, there are few, if any, remaining centuries-old giants like those harvested in the 1800 and 1900s.

This is where deadheads and sinkers come into the picture. The only remaining resource for this giant, old-growth timber is the logs that were lost to the bottoms of rivers and ponds back when they were being transported or held for processing.

And we specialize in recovering these Sinker Cypress giants.

Sinker Cypress Wide Cut Slabs are just as the name suggests – wide, flat sections of Sinker Cypress lumber cut from these oversized Sinker Cypress logs.

The fact that these Sinker Cypress Slabs must come from large Cypress logs makes them rare and highly sought-after.

These wide cut slabs are perfect for use in large, flat, solid wood surfaces because it provides a single, solid cut of lumber rather than several assembled pieces. This solid slab of wood allows our customers to have a beautiful continuous grain pattern throughout their furniture or counter top for a stunning visual effect.

These slabs are ideal for dining tables, conference tables, desks, counter tops, bathroom counters, kitchen cabinets, islands, and more.

These Sinker Cypress Slabs also make gorgeous mantelpieces. Visit our Mantelpieces page for more information.

We, as well as our customers, have created some beautiful tables with our Sinker Cypress Wide Cut Slabs. Visit our Sinker Wood Tables page for more information and inspiration!

PLEASE NOTE: The coloring of these Sinker Cypress Wide Cut Slabs varies widely and we can never know exactly what type of shading a slab will have. Please get in touch with us to find out what we currently have on hand.

For ordering and pricing information, visit our Ordering & Contact Info page.

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