Sinker Cypress Motorboat


Gorgeous Sinker Cypress Motorboat!

We were excited when Joe Willard called to talk to us about getting wood for his next project.

You see, Joe is a master craftsman in the art of building hand-made “strip boats.”

In 1964 Joe’s father, Yvonne, began building these fine strip boats, and in 2003 Yvonne passed his knowledge, and the family tradition, down to his son Joe.

Strip boats are built using a method commonly referred to as “strip-planking.” Thin strips of wood are wrapped around a temporary form that defines the shape of the hull, and edge-glued to secure them together.

Once the wood strips are glued together, the outside is sanded, and a fiberglass and epoxy covering is applied inside and out. The fiberglass and epoxy finish is clear, allowing the wood that the boat is made of to remain visible.

This process creates a strong, lightweight, and beautiful boat.

Joe called because he wanted to use Sinker Cypress for this strip boat project. Joe described what he was looking for and we got to work picking out just the right lumber for him.

We were delighted to hear back from him later as he told us that he was extremely pleased with the Sinker Cypress lumber we had shipped to him.

Joe has sent us some photos of his projects so we could share them here.

Be sure to check out the Willard’s Boat Works website for more information and photos of Joe’s creations!

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