Sinker Cypress & Sinker Pine Mantelpieces

Nothing does more to make a mantelpiece the center of attention in a room than when it’s made from a gorgeous slab of our Sinker Cypress or Sinker Pine.

Your choice of shape, size, and thickness is nearly endless, and because we mill our lumber right here on site, we can work with you to get you exactly what you need for your project.

Custom made mantelpiece for the host of "How to do Florida"

We were recently contacted by the producers of the show How To Do Florida to help them with one of their episodes.

They wanted to find out more about Deadhead Logging so they got in touch with us.

The host, Chad Crawford, wanted a mantelpiece for his personal home so we helped him get involved in the process from beginning to end.

For ordering and pricing information, visit our Ordering & Contact Info page.

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