Curly Sinker Pine


Beautiful and Rare Curly Sinker Pine

Curly Sinker Pine is a variety of Sinker Pine that happens to have a very distinctive “figure” in the grain pattern of the wood.

Wood grain can be figured in many different ways, but as the name suggests, the grain of these particular logs looks very “curly.”

Wood with curly figuring has a wavy, or undulating, grain pattern, and there’s no way to know if we have a Curly Sinker Pine in our hands until we actually cut it open.

One of the things that makes a rare Curly Sinker Pine so desirable is the way that the grain reflects light.

Because the fiber walls in Curly Sinker Pine are curved sharply and act as concave or convex reflecting surfaces, any changes in angle of view or light make the wave patterns seem to shift.

This produces a spectacular effect on smooth surfaces and dramatically enhances the appearance of the finished wood.

PLEASE NOTE: Curly figuring in Sinker Pine is very rare and difficult to come by. If you’re interested in this specific type of lumber, let us know and we’ll do what we can to assist you.

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