Sinker Wood Tables


Gorgeous Sinker Cypress & Sinker Pine Tables!

Our Sinker Cypress and Sinker Pine Lumber is regularly used to create some of the most beautiful tables and desks you’ve ever seen.

The photos above show some of the tables we’ve created for our customers, as well as some examples of what our customers have created for themselves.

As you probably already know, we’re specialists in Wide Cut Sinker Cypress Slabs, and it’s these slabs that create some of the most beautiful tables and desks.

These Sinker Cypress Wide Cut Slabs allow craftsmen to create large dining tables, conference tables, desks, and counter tops with just one piece of lumber, eliminating the seams that are typically necessary when piecing several boards of lumber together to create a large finished top. However, both our Sinker Cypress and Sinker Pine create fantastic looking pieces, including dining tables, couch tables, side tables, benches, counter tops, and more, to compliment any decor.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently backlogged with orders for finished tables and are unable to take any new orders for tables that must be delivered within strict time frames. However, you can still contact us and we’ll be happy to give you current approximate turnaround times so you can determine if we can meet your scheduling needs.

For ordering and pricing information, visit our Ordering & Contact Info page.

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