Pecky Cypress Glow Table


Incredible Glowing Pecky Sinker Cypress Table

One of the things we love about this business is how some of our customers become like friends of our family. This is just what has happened recently with our new customer and friend Julie.

Julie got in touch with us about buying some Pecky Sinker Cypress for a project she was beginning.

Usually we don’t know too much about how our customers are using the wood they buy from us, but once in a while our customers stay in touch with us to let us know how their projects are going, and Julie did just that.

In fact we were so blown away by what her and her husband had accomplished with their project that we wanted to share it with all of our visitors here!

What they’ve created is a one-of-a-kind glowing Pecky Sinker Cypress table! That’s right, it glows!

Julie and her husband used a process of incorporating a photo-luminescent powder with clear casting resin. The photo-luminescent powder fills the Pecky Cypress holes to create a breathtaking effect.

Julie sent us photos of their progress during the project:

We have a pretty good idea that Julie is going to be very busy with requests from friends and neighbors for a glowing Pecky Sinker Cypress table of their own!

We want to thank Julie for being such a great customer to work with, and for sharing this incredible creation with us!

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Thank You!

We truly appreciate our friends and customers, and as always we invite you to let us know how we can help.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to hear from you again soon!

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